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Episode 32

How to create the life you've always dreamed of

My guest today is Leah Masonick, an international life coach who supports courageous and determined professionals who feel lost, stuck, and unfulfilled in their life to connect their passions to their purpose so that they can leave behind the 9-5 and create the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Leah coaches and guides people who are looking for motivation, fulfilment, and a sense of purpose in their life. She helps them to stop sacrificing their true selves and instead create ways to express their purpose bringing their natural passion and gifts to the world.

She helps people truly reflect and understand what’s holding them back from being their authentic self and living fully.

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  • (00:00:16) - Introduction of my guest - Leah Masonick
  • (00:01:20) - Leah's private pilot licence story
  • (00:04:32) - How did Leah become a Life coach
  • (00:09:36) - How to find your true purpose in life, what lights you up?
  • (00:22:32) - Leah's journey to overcome the imposter syndrome
  • (00:28:12) - I can be my authentic self. I can be helping people and I can be doing what I want to be doing.
  • (00:30:45) - Leah's ways to keeping fit to perform at her best
  • (00:32:26) - Learn about the business side earlier to have a good head start
  • (00:40:48) - If you're considering a career change, make sure you're armed with best information
  • (00:43:59) - Free Work Book - How to develop your personal vision

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[00:00:04] Welcome to the success inspired podcast, a business and personal development podcast to help you accomplish more in life and realize your true potential. And now here is your host Vit Muller  

Introduction of my guest - Leah Masonick

Vit Muller: [00:00:16] Hello, everybody. Welcome to another episode of the Success Inspired Podcast. My guest today is an international life coach who supports courageous and determined professionals who feel lost, stuck, and unfulfilled in their life to connect to their passions, to their purpose.

[00:00:35]and then not able to leave there, you know, 95 feet behind and create that lifestyle I've always dreamed of. So she coaches and guides, these people who are looking for motivation and fulfillment and sense of purpose in their life, she helps them to stop sacrificing their true selves and instead create ways to express their purpose, bringing the natural passion and gifts to the world.

[00:00:57] She helps people truly reflect and understand what's holding them back from being their authentic self and living fully. Well, it's welcome to the show. Leah Masonic.

Leah Masonick: [00:01:12] Thank you. Thank you very much. I'm so happy to be here. 

Vit Muller: [00:01:16] Great to have you on the show. Yeah. now I've already introduced you a little bit.

Leah's private pilot licence story 

[00:01:20] What's something that not many people know about you. 

Leah Masonick: [00:01:23] Oh, that's a good one. Let me think about it. I think a lot of people talked about it a little bit, but I don't talk about it uh, much because they don't do it anymore, but, probably 10 years ago or so I obtained my private pilot's license, and learned how to fly.

[00:01:40] Yeah. Yeah. Very exciting. I don't know. I always wanted to do it. and it was just something that I wanted, you know, I love learning and it was a challenge for me. And so. I, I undertook that. yeah, that's something, I think a lot of people don't know necessarily about me. 

Vit Muller: [00:01:56] What led to that? What, what, what interested you to start taking up flying lessons?

Leah Masonick: [00:02:01] Yeah. So when I first was done with high school, I'm in, I'm from the US obviously. and I wanted to go to a university. I went to an aeronautical university. So in that university, a lot of people were learning to become professional pilots, you know, meteorologists like anything, surrounding aviation.

[00:02:19] And I was going there for aviation, computer science. And I selected that based on, not that I knew much about flying to begin with. But my grandfather had flown, in the war, in the Korean war. And that was kind of an inspiration for me. So I selected that university, for aviation, computer science, like I said, and I saw so many people learning to fly there and I kind of got the bug, but I didn't pursue it for quite a while.

[00:02:44]I kind of waited and I do tend to be a little bit, even though that sounds like a risky kind of thing to do, I do tend to be a little bit more cautious kind of person. So it took me a while to work up the nerve to decide to just do it. 

Vit Muller: [00:02:56] That's cool. So did you end up, did you end up, actually like flying a bit?

Leah Masonick: [00:03:01] I did. Yeah, I flew for a couple of years. I'm still under my private pilot's license, so it's not like I could do it commercially and make any money off of it, but it was just a fun thing. 

Vit Muller: [00:03:10] Yeah. Okay. So just like for your, for your own self, like just hiring a plane, go a bit of practicing, keeping those flight hours.

Leah Masonick: [00:03:17] Yeah, exactly. But it's a very expensive hobby 

Vit Muller: [00:03:21] I can imagine. 

Leah Masonick: [00:03:24] Yeah. So, I eventually stopped doing it, but I'd love to go back to it. It's still on my bucket list of one of the things that I want it. I want to pick back up again. 

Vit Muller: [00:03:31] Mm. And how does it work? Do you, do you have to come once you become licensed and it's all for certain, obviously certain type of plains, do you then need to do like a refresher courses to maintain that license? 

Leah Masonick: [00:03:43] Yeah, you need to have so many hours, in different types of flying, right. So night flying so many types of landings, that type of thing. Yeah. But I, I think I've been away from it for a while. So I think I, I w I don't, I wouldn't want to start entirely from scratch, but I would probably want to start 

Vit Muller: [00:03:59] Couple of refresher lessons.

Leah Masonick: [00:04:01] Oh yeah. Yeah. For sure. For sure. 

Vit Muller: [00:04:05] That's good. I mean, we do so many different things in our lives and, you know, we might, we might personally, one thing, you know, might be start a business. To do this, but in the past, we may have been doing something else. And I guess the key here is that you always, you always get good at something, but you only maintain those skills that as long as you keep keep them fresh right. It brings up the importance of just staying, staying in touch with your skillset.

How did Leah become a Life coach 

[00:04:32] you've got, uh, you've acquired a new set of skillsets. you're now a life coach. What led to that? Uh, bring us, bring us back to that backstory.

[00:04:41] So we understand how to connect the dots. 

Leah Masonick: [00:04:43] Yeah. So it's probably a fairly long story, but I think that all of my adult life. I have felt like I wasn't doing what I was supposed to be doing with my life. Like I wasn't where I was supposed to be. I wasn't, it, it just didn't feel like it was naturally fitting with what I wanted to do, you know?

[00:05:05] So, and I'll go through some of this, but, basically. From the time I was about 13 years old on, I always had this very, uh, strong sense of responsibility, right. And very strong sense of independence. And, always wanted to be able to take care of myself and not depend on a lot of other people. And so, I think that started me down the path of almost just shitting on myself.

[00:05:29] If you want to say it that way. Right. I should do this. I should do that. Right. So I should go to school. I should get a good job. I should climb the corporate ladder. I should, you know, buy a house, get married, have children, like all of those things, but it never really fit with me. And I struggled a lot, especially in my corporate career with not really feeling again, like I was fitting in, like I was being someone I wasn't, I wasn't being true to myself, but at the same time, I didn't necessarily know who I was.

[00:05:57]and I didn't. No, how to figure it out. Like, I didn't know how to figure out who I was and, and what I really wanted in my life and what I was good at and all of those things. And it wasn't until I started to do some deep inner work and, even started to work with coaches that I started to understand, you know, what I felt like my natural skills were.

Vit Muller: [00:06:20] was that something that you naturally like decided to start exploring or, or was there some event that sort of made you realize, you know 

Leah Masonick: [00:06:28] what, there is 

Vit Muller: [00:06:30] a, yeah. Well, like you said, like you started to work in like you're in a work stand to seeking coaches. What led you? Cause some people might live there alive and they never really consider, okay.

[00:06:39] Maybe I need, I need to fix myself up a little bit or, you know, explore those areas. 

Leah Masonick: [00:06:45] You know, for me it wasn't, it wasn't like one life changing event. Well, I'll say that w it was just a series of, I would feel really unhappy. I would feel like God, this is not where I'm supposed to be with my life. And I would do a half-ass job trying to figure it out.

[00:07:03] Like, what am I supposed to be doing? What do I want to do? And then I would get a little bit of momentum, not really get very far, get discouraged, kind of slip back into the, well, you know, I, I have a good job. I have a good life. I should just be happy within an app. Right. But that was a cycle that I kept going through, you know, and that would last for a little while.

[00:07:22] Then I would get really unhappy again and be like, this there's gotta be more to life than this. There's got to be like, this is not it.

Vit Muller: [00:07:28] Right. So felt like something was, something was missing. 

Leah Masonick: [00:07:31] Yeah. Something was missing. And I think it, part of it took like a little bit of maturity on my part to do the work, to figure it out.

[00:07:38]I'm a huge Tim Ferriss fan. So reading like the four hour workweek. Right. And, and getting a glimpse of there's this other life besides being on this nine to five corporate kind of treadmill life, where you can create something of your own. But again, it wasn't enough for me to really understand what I wanted to do and it wasn't until I started to hear about life coaching and explore that a little bit more, that it started to almost like align with, with what I, what I had been.

[00:08:06] Good at or what I am good at and what I enjoy doing like bits and pieces. So that, uh, of that throughout my career was kind of leading me to that. And that's where I decided to just, you know what, I'm going to take the plunge and yeah, just do it. I'm going to, I'm going to figure out what it takes to be a life coach.

[00:08:22] I'm going to go through the training and I'm going to start my own business. And here I am a couple of years later. 

Vit Muller: [00:08:29] So tell us about that, where you're now how's, how's that how's the Success for you developed. 

Leah Masonick: [00:08:36] Yeah. So, you know, I think starting out it was a little rough. Right. And, and you hear all these things that people tell you about, you have to niche down and it's down and really come to your conclusion about who you want, 

Vit Muller: [00:08:48] especially when it comes to an area like being a life coach.

[00:08:51] Right. Because there's so many, so many out, so many of them out there, I mean, Right. 

Leah Masonick: [00:08:59] Yeah. I'm sure you get a lot of people contacting you, right? 

Vit Muller: [00:09:02] Yeah. Yeah. Well, a few. Yeah. So I'm like, okay, well, how do you differentiate with the other ones?

Leah Masonick: [00:09:08] That's a good question. I think, I think it's a lot of it is about being yourself and that's taken me a little bit of time to figure out and yeah.

[00:09:18] You know, you can't be every everything to everyone and you can't be trying to attract every single type of person that might possibly want a life coach. You have to put your authentic self out there. And the people that you resonate with will find you, I think, is really kind of what I've learned 

How to find your true purpose in life, what lights you up

Vit Muller: [00:09:36] Now, what are some of, some of the typical struggles that people come to you with? Uh, when they seek help? 

Leah Masonick: [00:09:45] Yeah, a lot of it, a lot of the people that I work with are people that are where I was years ago. Right. And so they're burned out in the nine to five. They may have been trying things to change. their life and try and figure it all out.

[00:09:59] And they've just gotten stuck and they feel lost. so it's people, you know, I had one client from Amsterdam who was on a burnout leave, from her job because she just couldn't handle it anymore. She just, she couldn't do it. And she wanted to take a break and, she wanted to figure out like what she, what her values were, what she was passionate about and how to combine those with her natural skills.

[00:10:25] And things that she wanted to do. And so I think it's people like that, people that are typically in a professional setting, but know that there's more out there for them. 

Vit Muller: [00:10:35] And so what's the process of that transition? How do you, was that particular, is there some good questions that you ask your clients or where do you start with them when, when you know, the first step. 

Leah Masonick: [00:10:47] The first step I usually start with clients is, is right. Setting some really good goals that, we'll work on when we're working together in a coaching package. and, and I think to get at good goals, you have to really dig deeper than the surface level of what people say that they want. Because a lot of times when they're in pain, they'll, you know, I'd be able identify some of that pain, but they won't really be digging deeper into the why's behind them.

[00:11:13] And so we

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