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Episode 19

12 Hour work week with Chloe McCreedy

My guest today is a business coach and mentor who helps health & wellness professional with filling their practice each week. She found success in her health coaching making $9k per month within first 6 months!

While successful early on, after her miscarriage, supporting people with their bodies, no longer felt right. So she made the transition to teach health coaches the formula’s she has followed to have her success so early on without any sales/marketing experience or network.

Now Chloe runs a very successful coaching business, has done speaking gigs and is a business innovator helping scale health & wellness businesses in NZ and globally>

She help you to make true impact in the world, get out of you own way where the mind blocks need clearing and to establish the simplest of business processes so your business enables freedom while you take this radical transformation ride!

Special Offer For Listeners:

Are you a health and wellness professional running your practice and wanting to take it to the next level? Would you like to add a minimum 100k revenue in the next 12 months? Do you want to generate new clients using online marketing tools to fill your practice locally or even, globally? Do you want to expand your practice? Are you ready to invest time, energy and money into growth?

If the answer is YES to all of these questions then you should get in touch with Chloe and her team to get the ball rolling by clicking here

Mention SUCCESSINPIREDPODCAST for 10% percent off on any of Chloe's programs for the first 3 months!

Chloe asked me to add this in too.. I wasn't sure if she should but she was determined!... It's this really bold promise she has ... her and her team promise that if you work with them for 12 months, they can guarantee you'll add 100k minimum to your business or they will work with you for free until you do!

They have a bit of a vetting process with that to make sure that they can really do that.

So, um, if you jump on the phone with her or any of her team, just make sure that you let them know that you listened to The Success Inspired Podcast and they'll, sweeten the deal with a 10% percent off on the first 3 months of any of their programs. For more information click here


  • (00:01:44) - Introduction of my guest today
  • (00:02:19) - What made Chloe to start her business that she was procrastinating about starting in the first place
  • (00:04:21) - Getting imprisoned in South Africa
  • (00:07:26) - What does Chloe do know to be of service
  • (00:08:39) - My story from my home time about how I could not understand why some were stuck
  • (00:14:09) - Benefits of having your own coach
  • (00:19:12) - Chloe's twelve hour work week
  • (00:25:10) - It's ok for mistakes to happen, nobody is perfect
  • (00:28:52)- How to test if your business is self sufficient
  • (00:33:56) - We talk about planning, fitness and health
  • (00:36:14) - Importance of great system in your business in order to progress as well as free up time
  • (00:40:04) - How does Chloe keep fit before and after pregnancy
  • (00:45:24) - How leveraging social media can turn in to more sales
  • (00:47:24) - Revenue stream options
  • (00:49:08) - How to maximise your profits
  • (00:52:13) - One thing Chloe would've done differently when she started
  • (00:57:50) - We talk about exercise and healthy eating - getting the basics right
  • (01:03:11) - Power of making small changes over big ones - the 1% rule
  • (01:06:48) - Special offer for SIP listeners

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