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Episode 20

How to overcome bullying through self defence with Mark Simon

In this episode I interview Mark Simon about his past being attacked in school and how that lead him to his current career in movies and TV. He's worked on over 5,000 productions including Stranger Things and The Walking Dead. 

I had a great time talking to him and learning about his personal experience being bullied in high, how his family was attached too and how he decided to fight the bullies through legal system and win. 

He talks about turning his life around for the better and how this led to Mark getting a scholarship to college in Theatre and how this ultimately to Hollywood career he has now. 

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It's about when he was bullied and they followed him home and attacked his family. He went through months of terror, but refused to back down. He became the first person in the country to hold parents responsible for the actions of their kids in a court of law.  


  • (00:00:12) - Introduction of my guest - Mark Simon, the godfather of storytelling
  • (00:01:13) - That time Mark decided to move to Hollywood and start his career from scratch
  • (00:04:34) - What goes in to storyboarding a show like Walking Dead?
  • (00:08:10) - What is it like working with Steven Spielberg
  • (00:10:17) - Mark's story of being bullied in school
  • (00:12:57) - How did Mark escape to save his 1963 Thunderbird
  • (00:16:37) - That time Mark and his family being attacked by school bullies in their own front yard.
  • (00:19:25) - Solution to the problem - Mark decided to not let the bullies in school win
  • (00:29:12) - Turning his life around for the better and how this led to Mark getting a scholarship to college in theater and ultimately to Hollywood career he has now.
  • (00:31:53) - Mark managing dad's construction sites when he was 14 and how that gave him the confidence needed to not get intimidated easily
  • (00:36:33) - What to do when you experience bullying advice from Mark Simon
  • (00:41:15) - Overcoming fear, PTSD and benefits of writting things down as a way to reconcille with it and not hold on anymore.
  • (00:43:14) - I'm sharing my own story of being attacked as a kid
  • (00:47:45) - Mark's book 'Attacked' and what TV shows he's been working on recently
  • (00:49:56) - Advice from Mark for anyone looking to start a business
  • (00:51:38) - How important is fitness for Mark Simon
  • (00:53:39) - How to gain more attention when communicating with others.
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