Charge what you're worth and attract an ideal client for your business with marketing expert Kathleen Ann - Success Inspired

Episode 23

Charge what you're worth and attract an ideal client for your business with marketing expert Kathleen Ann

My guest today is Money & Marketing Strategist who helps business owners charge what they're worth and get it!

She makes it easy for heart-centred women in business (and enlightened men) to design and market a purposeful and profitable business based around their passion. 

Her Marketing Strategy and breakthrough Money Mindset Strategies can help you make great money doing what you love!

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  • (00:00:23) - My Guest today branding & marketing expert
  • (00:02:00) - Kathleen's journey as a marketer
  • (00:06:54) - Personal branding - you got to be seen as the expert
  • (00:08:34) - Inch wide, mile deep - who is it that you want to serve?
  • (00:11:11) - How to position yourself and excellent example on how to pre-qualify leads on your website using an effective system of video series
  • (00:16:08) - The rule of 5 P's - prior preparation prevents piss poor performance
  • (00:17:57) - Charge what you're worth and stick to what you do best - don't try to please everybody.
  • (00:26:43) - What does a lifestyle business look like ?
  • (00:29:09) - How is your client experiencing their problem?
  • (00:51:58) - Toughest time Kathleen has had to overcome

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