Journey from employee to Investor to Cryptocurrency Business Owner - Success Inspired

Episode 22

Journey from employee to Investor to Cryptocurrency Business Owner with Jeff Hancock

My guest today is a cybersecurity expert, infrastructure engineer and cryptocurrency specialist. 

Originally from Australia, he spent the last 15 years in technology sectors looking after Hotels, Casinos and Data centres. He design, built and maintained cloud and on-premise infrastructures for large retail, fintech and Hedge fund companies in the U.K. and most recently the £100b pound SoftBank Vision Fund in Mayfair.

His most recent venture is Coinpass. A UK based Crypto Exchange endeavouring to build a clean, safe and transparent way to buy digital Crypto Assets. 

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  • (00:00:21) - My Guest today - Jeff Hancock
  • (00:02:07) - Jeff's story of learning about Bitcoin, stock trading and successful career progress with SoftBank
  • (00:04:43) - How did Jeff start his cryptocurrency exchange business - the story of problem solving
  • (00:06:14) - Working in Casino as an IT Expert
  • (00:09:55) - That time Jeff decided to leave Australia to do a charity rally
  • (00:14:41) - Expanding mental agility, importance of team work and social bonds.
  • (00:19:17) - What is blockchain, it's benefits, and everything around Bitcoin
  • (00:31:05) - Computing power needed to mine Bitcoins
  • (00:32:59) - More about, summary of bitcoin, ethereum, blockchain and future of this technology
  • (00:37:13) - Use case of blockchain for smart contracts
  • (00:42:12) - What does Jeff do to keep fit & healthy and staying productive
  • (00:44:30) - Jeff shares what goes in to running a successful business, through leadership and effective team work.
  • (00:48:05) - Productivity tools, staying pro-active and what to watch out for.
  • (00:50:43) - Very basic talk about artificial intelligence
  • (00:54:17) - Advice from Jeff for anyone looking to start a business, act global, think local.
  • (00:56:43) - Special byproducts that come from having complete control over your time
  • (00:59:06) - Final bit of advice on cryptocurrency investing
  • (01:01:39) - Where to find more information about cryptocurrency, trading and blockchain.
  • (01:02:38) - Special offer - start trading, refer a friend to get little bit of crypto

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