How does personal insecurity affect you and your business with Jaemin Fraser - Success Inspired

Episode 17

How does personal insecurity affect you and your business with Jaemin Fraser

In this episode your host @thatvitmuller interviews @jaeminfrazer from the Insecurity Project

Jaemin is an Author, Tedx speaker and life coach. He is the founder of the Insecurity Project and specialises in helping ambitious people experience deep change so that they are able to overcome internal limitations and have the life they desire

He is widely recognised as one of Australia's leading life coaches and one of the trusted voices globally in dealing with personal insecurity.

Special offer for listeners:

If you are somebody who would like to tackle your own insecurities and be more effective and reach your full potential then sign up for Jaemin's 'Unhindered Short Course' via this link


  • (00:00:14) - My guest today - Jaemin Fraser
  • (00:01:00) - Introduction, Jaemins's books and content repurposing
  • (00:02:42) - Jaemin's transition story from Pastor to Coach
  • (00:07:30) - Empowering people as a coach
  • (00:11:09) - Two good questions to ask to help someone solve their problem
  • (00:13:17) - Jaemin's discovery of his own insecurities and decision to over come those
  • (00:16:24) - How Insecurity Project as a brand was born
  • (00:19:38) - Specific brand message as a great way to improve SEO and fast track growth of awareness about what you do.
  • (00:22:11) - Pros and cons of insecurity at different stages in life and when are people ready for this
  • (00:25:49) - We discuss Insecurity as the limiting factor behind why you may be living unfulfilled life.
  • (00:30:01) - We discuss Insecurity as the limiting factor behind why you may be living unfulfilled life.
  • (00:34:07) - Jaemins' story of moving his family to Germany to live there for 12 months as a way to test out concept of 'freedom lifestyle
  • (00:38:38) - How does insecurity affect your business profitability, your leadership and and other aspects of you being in business.
  • (00:40:44) - Jaemin's diagnostic tool 'The Insecurity test' for business owners
  • (00:43:43) - Personal fitness, marathon training and Jaemin's ambitions for his business
  • (00:48:35) - Benefits of the insecurity test
  • (00:51:03) - Jaemin shares his business struggles when he was just starting out
  • (00:56:00) - Moment of success in Jaemin's entrepreneurial journey
  • (01:01:35) - What almost nobody agrees with Jaemin on
  • (01:04:59) - Insecurity Project - Special offer for you the listener

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