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Episode 16

100kg weight loss story and most common reasons people struggle to lose weight

In this episode I interview Shari Ware from Fab New Body. She shares her her story how she found a desire for change and manage to lose 100kgs. 

She is international speaker and best selling author who helps new weight loss coaches who have no clear plan to get results for their clients to create a profitable online business without feeling pushy & salesy. Her motto after losing 100kg herself naturally is "You CAN change your story, one change at a time!"

Shari is also a qualified Personal Trainer, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

She’s been featured by That’s Life Magazine, Take 5 and New Idea as well as appearing on Today Tonight, the Channel 9 Morning Show and Channel 9 News. Shari has also been featured in various Australian and UK online news publications such as The Telegraph and The Courier Mail.

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  • (00:01:23) - Shari's weight loss story of losing 100kgs
  • (00:03:32) - Difference between weight loss and weight release
  • (00:05:20) - What motivated Shari to lose weight when she was 18 and 30kg overweight
  • (00:06:22) - Most common reasons people struggle to lose weight
  • (00:10:16) - Fear of failure
  • (00:11:55) - Too much too soon is not sustainable when trying to improve your lifestyle
  • (00:13:33) - Difference between being motivated and forming a habit.
  • (00:15:33) - Easiest thing to start with on your weight loss journey
  • (00:18:18) - How to deal with bad days
  • (00:22:43) - How to find your desire for change, your willpower and your beliefs
  • (00:25:12) - What your why is and power of journaling and visualisations
  • (00:28:32) - Figuring out what your goal is and going five levels deep to make it truly important one for yourself
  • (00:30:25) - Weight loss benefits, more fulfilling life of Shari now
  • (00:32:31) - Shari as a business owner, her success as a weight loss coach and impact she makes for others
  • (00:36:42) - Biggest struggle Shari faced in her business so far and how she overcome it.
  • (00:40:17) - Vit's story of overcoming fear of public speaking
  • (00:43:24) - What Shari wished she would've known earlier on when she started her business
  • (00:46:17) - In summary, weigh loss is not just about calories in, calories out. You have to take a more holistic approach
  • (00:47:56) - How to contact Shari for more help and special offer

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