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Episode 15

How do you transition in to online fitness personal training with Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan Goodman is the founder of the Personal Trainer Development Center and Online Trainer Academy Certification. He’s authored 11 books and lived in ten countries. You can listen to him host the hilarious and educational Online Trainer Show on iTunes, Spotify, or YouTube. 

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  • (00:01:28) - What led Jonathan Goodman to becoming fitness business coach
  • (00:05:55) -  What inspired Jonathan Goodman to write a book
  • (00:08:55) -  Importance of delegation in business to protect your mental energy as a leader.
  • (00:11:16) -  Working on the business VS working in the business and why you need team around you.
  • (00:15:02) -  Biggest hurdles Jonathan had to face while growing his company
  • (00:19:15) -  Prediction of the future of fitness industry - endless opportunities for niches, overcoming pandemic with Online training and more.
  • (00:22:20) -  Use of technology in delivering fitness and example how porn industry does it well.
  • (00:23:31) -  Why do dooman exist? Making a point about importance of real human interactions and what will never be replaced by technology.
  • (00:30:16) -  Interesting use cases for implementing Virtual reality headsets in to add new level of experience during workouts.
  • (00:34:10) -  Key personality traits if you want to be a personal trainer. Importance of social communication skills.
  • (00:38:25) -  Critical importance to have other streams of income for face to face personal trainers.
  • (00:40:49) -  How do you transition in to online fitness personal training
  • (00:43:55) -  Perfection kills progress, start with MVP (Minimal viable product) to get started faster.
  • (00:46:26) -  Beta test your idea as not only a way to proof that it can make money but also to see if you actually enjoy doing it.
  • (00:51:27) -  What John wishes he did when he started building his business


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