How to become a published author with leading book writing coach Jaqui Lane - Success Inspired

Episode 14

How to become a published author with leading book writing coach Jaqui Lane

Jaqui is one of Australia's leading business historians. She has written & published many books on business histories for ASX-listed companies, private businesses and family businesses. She is also the founder of The Book Advisor, one of Australia's leading self-publishing, business book mentoring companies.

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  • (00:01:16) - What compelled Jaqui to become a writer
  • (00:05:13) - Where do you start when wanting to write a book - understanding who your audience is
  • (00:13:30) - Next step in writing your book - your content outline
  • (00:15:28) - Overcoming the F factor when writing a book
  • (00:22:45) - Why do you want to write a book?
  • (00:24:14) - Want to write a book? Great! When? (Making the commitment)
  • (00:28:05) - Building a habit and tips to help you stay focused on your writing time.
  • (00:34:50) - How to produce and market your book
  • (00:38:53) - Pros and cons of having an agent and publisher for your book
  • (00:42:15) - Publishing a book through Amazon - what you need to know and other options you should think about
  • (00:46:48) - Biggest obstacle Jaqui faced in her career
  • (00:48:10) - That time Jaqui wanted to become New Zealand's first female prime minister
  • (00:49:42) - What lead Jaqui to start her career as professional writer
  • (00:52:08) - Learn something new every year!
  • (00:53:52) - What Jaqui wishes she would have know when she started her business
  • (00:57:33) - How to connect with Jaqui and special offer for you the listener on Jaqui's online program

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