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Episode 60

Seven steps to building successful businesses

Today, we're going to talk about business, how to scale business, how to start and grow your business and how to achieve financial freedom. My guest today is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced business optimisation coach that has been building businesses from scratch for the last 25 years across three countries

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  • [00:00:40] Who is Luke Fatooros
  • [00:02:08] What inspired Luke to start his first business
  • [00:03:43] Seven steps to building successful businesses
  • [00:06:29] Luke's story of starting an international distribution business from scratch on his laptop. Power of Joint Ventures
  • [00:07:27] Step 1 - Optimise your mindset and let go of your ego.
  • [00:09:19] Step 2 - Follow the cash to set your Niche
  • [00:12:35] Step 3 - Let your customers buy and establish trust
  • [00:13:57] How to build trust with your customers.
  • [00:17:44] Tips for building website that converts
  • [00:21:04] How to establish your self as an authority on the market.
  • [00:22:15] What is an effective hook product (lead magnet )
  • [00:24:05] How to find your ideal target market
  • [00:32:55] Optimise your efficiency and quality of life
  • [00:34:22] Joint ventures and how to do them right
  • [00:42:25] 5 Steps to Building a rockstar team!
  • [00:44:49] Effective Chain of command & people management
  • [00:45:26] Monkey see monkey do, don't undermine your chain of command
  • [00:46:05] Have the right incentives
  • [00:51:22] Optimise your business value
  • [00:59:08] Understand how the money flows, stop trading time for money and focus on building trust & authority in the market.

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