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Episode 12

How to gain confidence and clarity in life, heal from the past and be empowered moving forward with Beth Dovey

My guest today is a relationship coach who helps individuals and couples with mindset and empowered communication. She helps her clients gain confidence and clarity in life, heal from the past and be empowered moving forward.  

Her clients come away being able to speak up & speak their truth in relationships, put the past in the past, and have a greater acceptance and connection to self and others.     

We talk about effective communication, reading peoples behaviour traits to communicate and connect. How connecting with yourself self through emotional intimacy can opens up your potential in life, business and relationships. And... The key to building authentic relationships and breaking down the walls that keep communication superficial.

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  • [00:01:03] - Beth's journey to becoming a relationship coach
  • [00:02:31] - Beth's wake up call - broken relationship
  • [00:06:12 ]- Co-parenting with a narcissist
  • [00:10:14] - Finding a mutual respect and making it work through most effective way to communicate
  • [00:13:00] - Typical problems people face in a relationship - not feeling empowered to communicate
  • [00:15:26] - Beth's support group 'Healing Circle'
  • [00:18:26] - Effective communication and behaviour traits
  • [00:22:50] - Attack with attachment theory
  • [00:24:53] - Power of accepting the unknown as the answer
  • [00:30:44] - Keeping fit & healthy and exploring emotional roadblocks through yoga
  • [00:35:35] - Being more present in a moment as a way to be more in tune with your body
  • [00:41:27] - Beth's PTSD and process of overcoming it
  • [00:45:46] - Easy way to start with meditation
  • [00:48:43] - When you've pushed yourself enough in building your business, that's when you're about to really breakthrough
  • [00:52:34] - Start with knowing your top five values and understanding what is really important to you
  • [00:55:10] - How to figure out what your own values are
  • [00:59:47] - How to get in touch with Beth to get help

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